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Friday, August 13, 2010

You can help name the Ship of Fools!

The halfwits who want to send a Canadian ship to be intercepted by the IDF on its way to Gaza want your help in naming their vessel.

Here's a link to the site where you can contribute your idea.

How about:

The SS Douchebag?
Titantic 2?
The Jihadi Shaheed Seaweed?
The Sea Hitler?

So many possibilities!

Make sure you pass your suggestions along!

UPDATE 6:10 pm - The Canada Boat Gaza website was so overwhelmed with responses that they stopped publishing (and removed) the results online.

They included such catchy names as: Mohammed's Smegma, The SS Jew Hater, The Sea Hitler, Naomi Klein's Floating Diaphragm, The Sea Sodomite, The SS John Greyson's Dildo, HMS Useful Idiot, Asswipes for Allah, The Khadr Sphincter, Schooner of Scum, SS Naziola, The Ahmadinejad Anal Probe, SS International Ship of Pancakes, The Floating Turd,  Elle Flanders' Butt Plug, The Bi-Polar Finklestein and many more.

Here's the list just a little while before it went down. (Click it twice and you'll be able to view all the names legibly)

Thanks to Blazing Cat Fur for making the screen shot available so it can be viewed!

UPDATE 2: The humourless socialists and Islamists trying to raise funds for the Canadian Gaza boat have re-posted the list but have excised all the good names. Evidently they learned a lesson (likely amid a lot of cursing in the name of Allah, Richard Dawkins and Naomi Klein) and are now screening the suggestions before they publish them. But we still have the screen shot on the left that will live on as a reminder of the clever names they discarded. Whatever the totalitarian-minded fanatics use in the end, to me, their boat will always be The Sea Hitler.


Harry Abrams said...

Fucking brilliant!

Richard K said...

Thanks, Harry! I tried emailing you but they keep bouncing back.

Harry Abrams said...


forget about it.

Unknown said...

Haha, nice!!

UPDATE: Looks like they deleted all the ones we entered. Let's keep drilling them!!

Rustee24 said...

"The Sea Hitler" - fucking brilliant!