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Thursday, August 26, 2010

As close as it gets to Ford's win being official before October 25: The Toronto Star throws in the towel

Look at the opening paragraphs below. They read as if they came from a column in The National Post, but no, they're from today's Toronto Star! First they tried persuasion, then smears, sabotage and finally hysterics, but now the newspaper that is on a slower learning curve than the rest of Toronto finally appears to have conceded the obvious.

Torontonians are sick of having been taken for a ride for the last 7 years by David Miller and his cronies and are going to vote Rob Ford into office in the October election.

From today's Toronto Star:

They threw smiles his way. They laughed at his jokes.

Rob Ford isn’t typically the popular guy at city council meetings, but with the right-wing writing on the wall, the race to capture the possible mayor-in-waiting’s affection has begun.
Publicly, his fellow councillors have softened their criticisms. Privately, they have begun lobbying for powerful roles in a Ford administration.
An Ipsos Reid poll released earlier this week shows the Etobicoke councillor with double-digit leads over former frontrunner George Smitherman. An internal poll from his camp shows Ford up by 15 points.
“And the faster Ford climbs in the polls, the faster people climb on his back for the ride,” said Councillor Brian Ashton.


Mal said...

There's still plenty of time for the bottom-feeders to generate & stir up more muck, though.
Grab your nose-clips; we're not out of it yet...

Richard K said...

Being the front-runner means being Target #1. I think that's one of the ways Smitherman managed to lose the race. Even when he was in the lead three months ago, he spent more energy attacking Ford's policies than he did in articulating his own.

Dave In Guelph said...

"But now the newspaper that is on a slower learning curve than the rest of Toronto finally appears to have conceded the obvious."


Brian from Toronto said...

Shows the Star's diconnect from reality. The campaign won't really begin till after Labour Day, and the Star has already gone through the entire cycle of attack, smear and finally admit defeat.

Personally - like most Torontonians - I haven't even started checking out the candidates yet, but the fact that the Star hates Ford so much means he must be okay.