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Friday, August 20, 2010

OMG Rob Ford Used City Letterhead!

Rob Ford used city letterhead to solicit funds for charity. Letterhead that costs the taxpayers nothing because Ford's the only councilor who pays all his office expenses out of his own pocket.

Ford got no personal benefit from this and it cost the taxpayers ZERO.

How many times Zero equals $ONE BILLION DOLLARS?

You can see the answer here: Blazing Cat Fur: OMG Rob Ford Used City Letterhead!

Joe Wormington in The Sun put it well:

Heck, Giambrone billed the taxpayer double that — $6,299.50 to be precise — for his private French lessons.

No integrity problems there it seems.

Now if Ford had spent $12,000 of taxpayers’ money for a posh luncheon with his friends and fellow freeloaders as Councillor Kyle Rae did, maybe they’d have thrown another party — and bill it, of course, to the taxpayers.
Or the $8,462.39 billed to the taxpayer for Kyle to go on holiday (AIDS conference) to Vienna, Austria — quite a bit more than last year’s sojourn to Mexico that cost us $5,368.77.
Never mind the $65,000 spent of our money for destroying Jarvis St. to get moms and dads home 20 minutes later to their kids to accommodate Rae and Mayor David Miller’s 27 bicycle friends.
No this investigation is focusing on $50 donations for football equipment and one donation for $400 from a good Samaritan company that could surely find more effective ways to gain favour at City Hall than to publicly support a local sports program.
Picture shamelessly stolen from Blazing Cat Fur

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