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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Liar or Boob? Noam Chomsky claims he had never heard of Hustler when he gave an interview to Larry Flynt's porn mag

Noam Chomsky must have taken a lot of flack from his regressive allies about a perceived endorsement of pornography by his giving an interview to Hustler magazine in 2004.

Chomsky came out with this after-the fact video in which he claims he "never heard of (sic) the Hustler" though he agreed to being interviewed for it.

Now, some people might not take Chomsky's word on this. Some people might think he's such an incredible media whore that he'd gladly appear anywhere we he could get attention and promulgate his conspiracy theories. They might think he's only backtracking, lying and weaseling out of what he did when the angry leftists of yesteryear took offense at their deity being associated with one of the most graphic, exploitative pornography magazines.

Billions wouldn't, but I for one am prepared to take Chomsky at his word.

His word that in 2004, if he's not lying, means he'd never heard of Hustler Magazine or Larry Flynt.

If he's not lying, it means he never heard of or saw Milos Foreman's 1996 hit movie, The People Vs Larry Flynt, that received Academy Award nominations for Best Actor and Best Director.

It means he never heard of that famous and notorious American magazine, its publisher who survived an assassination attempt that received enormous publicity. He'd never heard of the many news stories about the prosecutions of Flynt and the famous, precedent-setting US Supreme Court decision involving Hustler, Flynt, Moral Majority Founder Jerry Falwell and the protection of First Amendment rights that case enshrined.

If he's not lying, it means he didn't even bother to do the rudimentary due-diligence of a google search of Hustler Magazine to find out by whom he had agreed to be published.

Chomsky very well may be telling the truth.

Because if he's telling the truth, it shows how out of touch Chomsky is, his lack of intellectual rigour, and demonstrates his inattentiveness to basic fact and detail.

That I can believe.

You can see Chomsky talking about it in this video:

Here's Stewie Griffin finding a copy of Hustler. I think it's the one with the Chomsky interview:


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