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Friday, August 13, 2010

Toronto Star slams Rob Ford over "corruption" comments. Expect Ford's numbers to climb even higher.

In its relentless campaign against populist Toronto mayoral candidate Rob Ford, The Toronto Star printed an article today featuring condemnation of Ford by the unpopular outgoing incumbent, David Miller.

Ford understatedly observed to this blog last month that the Toronto Star is "not a fan" of his. The Star, which is considered to be a left-leaning, union-supporting outlet,  has taken a consistently anti-Ford position, going as far as having printed demonstrably false allegations of Ford having assaulted a high school football player. Allegations the player himself refuted.

Every time The Star prints a new smear against Ford, his polling numbers climb. The Star should be less worried about the prospect of Ford as mayor as they should about their lack of influence over and total disregard by the public.

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