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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Canada is a country governed by retards who think we need Comedy Police

If bad taste is a crime, then I think I should have the right to exercise some vigilante justice on the fucking Birkenstock set. 

If this guy is facing a tribunal, it should be for his stupid hairdo, and not his bad jokes

Montreal comedian Mike Ward testified at a human rights tribunal hearing today, saying he didn't think a joke about a young man with a condition that causes facial disfigurement crossed a line.

More than a dozen comedians turned out to show their support for Ward, who is the subject of a 2012 complaint to the Quebec tribunal after Ward ridiculed Jérémy Gabriel in his comedy show, Mike Ward s'eXpose.

Gabriel, who is now 19, became well-known in Quebec after he was flown to Rome to sing for Pope Benedict in 2006...

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