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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Congress Seeks to Stop Obama Admin From Blocking New State Level Iran Sanctions

Leading Republican lawmakers are spearheading a new legislative push that would stop the Obama administration from blocking state-level efforts to impose new sanctions on Iran, according to a copy of new legislation obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The push, which is led by more than 20 House Republicans, comes in response to Obama administration efforts to prevent state governments from wading into the Iran debate.

Since the nuclear agreement was implemented, many state officials have expressed interest in leveling new economic sanctions against Iran in a bid to stop local governments and business from re-engaging in business with the Islamic Republic.

At least half of all U.S. states have laws or policies on the books that sanction Iran. Governors from 15 states co-signed a letter in September expressing their intent to use state-level sanctions to target Iran.

The Obama administration has expressed outrage about the effort, warning that it could interfere with and even violate the nuclear agreement. A portion of the agreement includes language that threatens to block U.S. states from moving forward with new sanctions.

In a bid to protect these state rights, Rep. Ron DeSantis (R., Fla.) and a delegation of other House lawmakers, have filed legislation to protect governments from legal attacks brought as a result of their Iran sanctions efforts, according to information provided to the Free Beacon...

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