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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Nigel Farage allies with George Galloway on EU Out Campaign, compares it to the Churchill-Stalin pact

I'm quite fond of Nigel Farage, and he's still a formidable orator. But Farage's decision to welcome and feature the detestable pig, terror-supporter George Galloway as part of his anti-EU movement, shows a potentially serious lapse of judgement.

Farage has salvaged it a bit by comparing his temporary alliance with Galloway to Churchill's wartime pact with the Communist dictator Josef Stalin, which in some ways is very apt, since Galloway was an unapologetic fan of the Soviet Union.

...Mr Galloway, the former Respect MP for Bradford West and previously Poplar and Limehouse, was hailed by Nigel Farage as “without doubt one of the greatest orators in this country, he is a towering figure on the left of British politics.”

While some supporters of the Grassroots Out campaign gave Mr Galloway a “warm welcome” as requested by the UKIP leader, others were incensed by his appearance on the stage.

Some attendees described Mr Galloway’s presence at the Westminster Conference Centre as a disgrace...

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