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Friday, February 26, 2016

Renowned Movie Producer Robert Lantos Weighs In On Jew-Hate At York University

An open letter from Robert Lantos, Canada's most prominent film producer and the driving force behind hit movies such as Eastern Promises and Barney's Version: 

Dear Dr. Shoukri,

I have observed over the years the transformation of York University from an academic institution into an incubator of hate and violence against the Jewish people. The disgraceful intimidation of Jewish students on your campus, coupled with the relentless defamation of Israel and your indifference to it all, have no place in a peace loving, liberal democracy like ours.

Under your watch, the university has lost its way as a place of learning, tolerance and diversity. You have taken shameful refuge behind legal cover and invoked neutrality in the anti Semitic mural controversy, which itself is symptomatic of the overall toxic environment on your campus. You stay on the sidelines rather than use the power of your office to stand up to the storm troopers who turn your institution into a podium for the incitement to violence against the Jewish people. In my film Sunshine, there is a character who, after the genocide of Hungary's Jewish population, asks an eyewitness, "How could you just let it happen?" A bystander with the power to intervene who chooses to do nothing ceases to be a bystander. He becomes indistinguishable from the perpetrator. If you are not part of the solution Dr. Shoukri, you become part of the problem.

I urge you, in your capacity as President of York, to take immediate and concrete action to remove the offensive mural as the first step toward restoring an atmosphere of peace and respect on your campus. Sweep Jew hatred to the gutter, where it belongs.


Robert Lantos, CM

Background HERE and HERE

UPDATE: The Toronto Star found this item on my blog and contacted York U. Apparently, Bob Lantos' letter hurt their feels, but not so much that they'll do anything about it.


Anonymous said...

Shoukri was educated in Egypt where it has been reported that school children are inculcated with hatred for Jews. I don't know the man so can't say if he has been liberated from this hatred, but I would not be surprised that he is still carrying this garbage around.

Anonymous said...

Robert, thanks for standing up.

ZELIG500 said...

All well and good Mr. Lantos...but let's not forget, your star in Eastern Promises, Vigo Mortenson...is an unapologetic attacker of Israel and very pro-Palestinian. Perhaps better vetting is in order on your end too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your excellent letter Mr. Lantos.
It is shameful what is going on in my Alma Mater.