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Thursday, February 18, 2016

City Councillor Shelley Carroll Bills Taxpayers $904 For Partisan Elections Strategy Conference

When it comes to expenses reports, Shelley Carroll is one of city council’s big spenders- the representative of Ward 33 has little respect for Toronto taxpayers, consistently spending more than average. In November 2010, this website covered her outrageous expenses for building a website created by a militant labour allied company who didn’t even deliver the service on time.

But what should we expect from a member of the Toronto Police Services Board who hired an unrepentant ex-convict who directed protesters to smash windows during the 2010 G20? Or the city councillor who encouraged the complainants in the Gregory Alan Elliott case to “cyber bully” just a few weeks before they started spreading around rumours and misleading the police to believe he was a paedophile? Or a counsellor who runs away when a citizen asks her a hard question in city hall?

The answer is not much, Carroll serves the labour movement more than she serves the people of her constituency- and she’s not afraid to spend taxpayer’s money to fund her partisan activities...

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