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Friday, February 12, 2016

Ghomeshi’s lawyer will be crucified for stating the obvious about Crown’s collapsing case: DiManno

It was a cri de coeur for the sanctity of law. And it was also for herself, feminist.

A cry from the heart of a brilliant legal mind, reducing even Jian Ghomeshi — defendant — to reverent spectator, a bystander at court.

After almost two weeks of grotesque caricature, targeted by hateful vitriol as a traitor to her sex, a Valkyrie in stiletto heels — on incendiary social media, in mainstream commentary by harridans of gender identity polemics — defence lawyer Marie Henein brought it home: There is no refuge in court for dishonesty, no amnesty for colluders in either fact or fiction.

No double-X chromosome pass just because the complainants are females who may have been done terribly wrong by Ghomeshi, on trial for sexual assault times four and overcoming resistance by choking.

Outside Courtroom 125, the gospels of female victimhood had become the subtext — indeed the overarching theme — attempting to discount what was transpiring inside, because that wasn’t going well at all. But it was never about all the many victims out there who haven’t been believed in the past, won’t be believed in the future. It was about these three women, now...

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