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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Co-Chair of Oxford University's Labour Club Resigns Because of Its Antisemitism

The Jew-haters in Labour must have thought they had an open license after Jeremy Corbyn was elected party leader. If it weren't for Alex Chalmers exposing and publicly shaming the ones at Oxford, they would probably still be at it.

The Oxford U Labour leaders have taken a little bit of time out of chanting "Death to the Jews" to express "shock!" that antisemitism is flourishing among them. 

See also: Former senior members of Oxford University Labour Club have written an open letter expressing dismay at the decision to endorse Israel Apartheid Week. 

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Anonymous said...

As Islamist political influence grows in the leftist ranks, prog Jews who empower this anti-Semitism through their multicult cultural equity dogmas, will live to see it comeback and bite them in the ass.

There are now many areas of Europe unsafe to be jewish, it will come here assure as progressia is a mental disorder.