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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Two manifestations of sadomasichism: BDS and BDSM are the same thing and neither deserve respect

The recent passage of Conservative MP Tony Clement's motion to condemn the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) effort against Israel highlighted something one rarely sees lately in Canada's Parliament; the ability of Canada's two mainstream political parties to agree on a sensible proposal. However, it also brought to light some serious misconceptions about the nature of anti-Israel activism.

The motion got the support of the Opposition Conservatives and with the exception of three insignificant backbenchers, backing from the governing Liberal party, while it was opposed by the far-left NDP and the parochial, leftist Bloc Quebecois.

For many on the Liberal Party benches, condemnation of the movement that seeks to deligitimize and ultimately destroy the middle east's only liberal democracy came with mixed feelings. That inner conflict was most pronounced in the words of Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion. While supporting the motion, Dion expressed anxiety about its ramifications and an ill-informed understanding about the motives of people in the anti-Israel movement when he said:
 ...it cannot be denied that many of the boycott supporters are mistaken in good faith. Many organizations and individuals in Canada and abroad support the BDS movement out of the belief that it will somehow accelerate the peace process and be a non-violent initiative that leads to a lasting resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Their goal ultimately is the same as ours: a two-state solution with a secure, stable, and democratic Israel, living side-by-side with a secure, stable, and democratic Palestinian state. However, they are mistaken in the way this goal may be achieved.

We will not convince the people acting in good faith that they are mistaken by hitting them over the head and condemning them at every turn. Intimidation, name-calling, and accusations will not lead to constructive dialogue with them. We must talk to them with respect and explain why boycotting Israel is a false solution.

We have had this debate and many others, and we will continue to have it, in Canada and elsewhere, with people we respect, who in some cases are themselves Jewish. Dialogue and honest and firm debate, not ostracism and intimidation, will rally support for truly promising solutions...
Stephane Dion himself may be  a reasonable, good-willed individual, but he errs considerably when he projects those attributes onto members of a movement comprised mainly of depraved, sadistic liars.

In fact, sadism is an operative feature of anti-Israel fanatics in the BDS movement.

BDSM (Bondage, Domination and Sadomasochism), the lifestyle by which people derive thrills from inflicting and receiving physical pain and verbal abuse, and BDS, the movement that seeks to replicate much of the totalitarianism and anti-Jewish sadism of Nazi Germany, share more than an identical sequence of initials.

The BDS mob are, in a way, so many Jian Ghomeshis, who try to make a public show of being proponents of "social justice," but their veneer is even more transparent than that of the disgraced former CBC radio host. BDS activists get a near-sexual form of arousal from inflicting harm on the Jewish right to a homeland.  Like Ghomeshi, at their core, BDS is sadistic and narcissistic.

For an example of the narcissism, a group with the deceptive name "Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East" (CJPME) is encouraging its members to take self-aggrandizing selfies while vandalizing products made in the Jewish State and post the pictures to their facebook page.

Boycotts in their most ugly forms
Events sponsored by CJPME,  the so called Canadians for Peace, etc, have featured a speaker who endorsed violent, indiscriminate terrorism against Israeli Jews.

On their website, they actually claim that their effort to cripple Israel is not  "anti-Israel."  They are so lacking in rationality it transcends mere lack of self-awareness and goes deep into the realm of pathology.

Lies are an integral part of BDS, as much as it was with Nazi Germany and Hitler's Big Lie. It is a movement that tries to promulgate the lie about Israel practicing "apartheid," when in fact Arabs in Israel have full enfranchisement rights, free speech rights, women's equality rights, and full
legislative representation. Indeed, Arabs have more rights in Israel than they do in any Arab country. They lie that Israel is committing "genocide" while the Palestinian population under Israeli control has more than quadrupled since 1948. One of the most obvious lies of the BDS movement is that they are "pro-Palestinian." If that was the case, then they would condemn the abusive treatment and denial of rights that Palestinians receive in Lebanon, and other Arab countries, and for the gross abuses of human rights that Palestinian governments of Hamas in Gaza, and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank inflict on their own citizens. But BDS activists remain silent about that because Palestinian rights are not their actual objective.

BDS proponents usually revert to the lie that they are merely critics of Israel and that condemnation of them equates denying them free speech.

One would have to have the sort of mental defect typical to a BDS activist to think that condemning someone is the same thing as preventing them from speaking.

As to they being critical of Israel, members of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement are "critical" of Israel like Paul Bernardo and Robert Pickton are "critical" of women's rights.

Israeli governments have engaged in actions which merit criticism, just like any other country's government. But as observers as far apart as the renowned journalist Terry Glavin and the notorious anti-Israel activist Norman Finkelstein have noted, the BDS movement's goal is Israel's destruction.

There probably aren't a lot of people who consider themselves sexual sadists who have actually read anything by The Marquis de Sade. BDSM as a "lifestyle" didn't gain any sort of popularity until the mid 20th Century. But without knowledge of its basis, it's impossible to understand the phenomenon any more than you can really understand Christianity without reading the Bible.

De Sade, despite being an aristocrat, during the French Revolution reinvented himself as "Citizen de Sade" and became a far-left politician. Besides his sexual deviance, de Sade could, in a way, be considered a Social Darwinist a generation before Darwin was born. Sadism was borne out of de Sade's depiction of sexual torture in his novels, and he frequently took his fetishes out of the realm of fantasy into genuine action. The philosophy of de Sade isn't stupid, but it is completely amoral, and in practice, unspeakably wicked. To boil it down to its most simplistic base, it amounts to the idea that "if they were not meant to be sheared, then God would not have made them sheep." Take the mention of God out of that, as De Sade was an atheist, and you have an ideology that allows for abusing and harming anyone you can in any way you like, if you think you can do it with impunity. It is the ultimate form of narcissism.

The popularity of the soft-core porn novel 50 Shades of Grey indisputably insinuated sadomasochism into the cultural mainstream. But that doesn't make the practices it celebrates psychologically healthy any more than it makes the drearily-written book's many fans anything more than appalling arbiters of literature.

If you become sexually aroused from inflicting physical pain on another person, then there's something seriously wrong with you.

The only thing that prevents a real sadist from subjugating and torturing at will is the threat of punishment from an even more powerful authority.

It follows to reason that such people should be given no authority or respect whatsoever, since they see any power as an opportunity to inflict harm on others.

Both BDSM and BDS are at their core heavily influenced by the sadistic political ideology of Nazism. BDSM mimics the Nazi system of placing extensive energy into experimenting with new forms of torture and abuse, while the BDS sadomasochists copy the Nazi system of persecuting and boycotting Jews.

BDS is one of the biggest threats to free speech since Nazism. Ironically complaining about their free speech being threatened when it is not, BDS activists are engaged in a real effort to deprive free speech rights to Canadian supporters of Israel and to Israelis. The BDS boycotts are not only their own refusal to listen to any Israeli or pro-Israel speaker. It is an effort to prevent anyone else from being able to hear an opinion that contradicts theirs.

Like other forms of fascism, the BDS movement is dedicated to shutting down any speech they don't like. They claim to be victims of censorship when they are criticised and condemned, while they actually engage in Nazi-like acts of violence and thuggery to stop pro-Israeli speech on campuses.

On the other side of the BDS and BDSM similarity is that both movements rely on the sick need for abuse felt by masochists.

In the BDS movement, those masochists take the form of groups that would be severely persecuted in Palestine, yet they feel they need to make a display of siding with people who would gladly abuse them in the most horrific ways.

One such group is a collection of unbalanced, pathetic Jews calling themselves Independent Jewish Voices. For the most part, their "Jewishness" is confined to a form of Munchausen Syndrome by which they can get attention for themselves by being Jews who publicly despise Jewish self-determination.

These Munchausen Jews are so receptive to abuse and desperate for attention that they actually will appear at anti-Israel rallies organized by Holocaust-denying Khomeinists.

To get an idea of what such people are like, make what you will of the mental state of a spokesperson for Independent Jewish Voices who claims that the bulk of Jews in Canada supported the Conservative Party because they want to "reap the rewards of white supremacy" and maintain their "place in the racial order."

Even more masochistic and bizarre than the pathetic wretches of Independent Jewish Voices are those gay groups that seek Israel's destruction. Israel is the most gay-friendly country in the middle east. It has two Pride Parades, recognizes gay marriage and full equal rights for its gay citizens.

In Gaza, as with most of the Arab world, they will kill a person for being gay.

Yet there are groups, like the now-disbanded Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, that's sole function was to harm Israel, while supporting the people who would actually torture them if given the opportunity.

The rationale that guides these Hamasochists is almost beyond comprehension.

The BDS movement is not bred of misinformed goodwill. It is not deserving of respect. It is a form of irrational depravity which cannot respond to reason, and needs to be treated as such.

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