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Monday, February 1, 2016

Trudeau lies about coalition meeting and is on a collision course with Defence Minister Sajjan

...Does the current Liberal cabinet (and the country) view the world differently than Justin Trudeau? I can't help believing that Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan does and that he is on an inevitable collision course with the prime minister on many defence issues, but most significantly on Canada's role in the fight with ISIL.

Sajjan was a lieutenant-colonel in the Canadian army with deployment time in Afghanistan. He knows first-hand what Islamic extremists are capable of and that armed and fanatical terrorists are not undermined nor defeated by increasing humanitarian aid.

Trudeau believes in lending a helping hand throughout the world. But without concomitant military force, that hand will be cut off. He is actually talking about something called a more "robust" training mission, about as efficacious in fighting ISIL as a more robust cup of coffee.

Canada has already been excluded from a NATO planning meeting this month. The organizers didn't even bother with diplomatic parlance to cloak the reason for not inviting us. U.S. Defence Secretary Ashley Carter said the six invited nations were playing "a significant role" in the fight against ISIL. He further noted the lack of space for "free riders" in the coalition.


The account above squares precisely with Defence Minister Sajjan's reaction to Canada being excluded from the January NATO planning meeting on dealing with ISIS. However, Trudeau lied about it in this CBC interview (unless his handlers lied to Trudeau about it and our ignoramus Prime Minister parroted the lie):

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