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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Computer security expert arrested for explosives charges in Toronto - related to the G20 conference

Byron Sonne was arrested for a number of charges related to explosives amid the security precautions related to the G20 conference in Toronto.

Some interesting details:

His LinkedIn profile lists him as: Owner/Operator at Halvdan Solutions and he added the following: "Experience summary: I make order out of chaos"

He had left the following comment on a HackLab, a  Computer programmers' site:
Democracy is tyranny of the majority, my friend.
Vote conservative - time to end years of corruption and waster courtesy of the Liberal party.You could vote NDP or Green, but you might as well throw your vote away, since they'll never get into power.
Which he later followed up with:
Gah, yah, I wasn't 100% there when I posted, haha :) Stupid politics and fat fingers of mine.
Oh believe me, I know our government is full of crap. Some days it is staggering...
Few details have been released so far. It should be interesting to see where this goes.

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ioana said...

Yes charges related to explosives. He drank milk which is made by cows which produce fertilizers. You get my drift.