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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The folks at Rabble.ca want to start a Letter Writing Campaign. Now might be a good time to buy shares in Crayola

Just kidding.

Even if they spent all of their welfare checks on crayons, the two dozen or so people that take that Marxist-leaning site seriously aren't capable of making a dent in anything.

Rabble likes to bill iitself as "independent" media. A look at the bottom of its homepage or at its annual report shows that the majority of its operating budget is paid for by unions, such as CUPE, OPSEU and NDP-affiliated organizations like The Council of Canadians and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Rabble evidently has its own definition of "independent."

How would you like it if you were a hard working union worker, with dues being deducted every week that you reasonably assumed were going to helping support you in the workplace, when in reality, a big dose of it was going to support a Marxist propaganda organ that is the pet of your union's leadership.

That would piss me off.

But back to the current bug up rabble's behind..

It seems they are very upset that Bob Rae has called for the resignation of Libby Davies because of her caught-on-tape anti-Israel tirade . These are people who don't vote for Bob Rae anyway. Most of them would have trouble spelling his name.


They have become so unhinged by all this that one of them has issued what could easily be considered a threat against the person who caught Davies on tape.


Meanwhile, Davies has cancelled an unrelated public appearence.

It should be interesting seeing how someone that "noticable" goes into hiding.


Now if she wants to really do something good for the country, she should stay in hiding..or at least away from Parliament.


1 comment:

Patrick Ross said...

The folks at Rabble are truly a frightening bunch. I once made the mistake of thinking I could find honest, civil debate there. Instead, one particular lunatic insisted that my existence offended him, and later suggested I should commit suicide.

A great bunch of fascists they have over there.