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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

There's a first time for everything: rabble.ca members agree with Jonathan Kay of the National Post

But in fairness to Kay, for very different reasons.

Members over at the humourless website for embittered "progressives," rabble.ca, founded by Judy Rebick, are all for the visit to Canada by hate mongering Iman Zakir Naik, which is one of the few times they agree with Jonathan Kay.

Their reasoning, however is very different. Naik has been barred entry to Canada. Kay believes he should be allowed in because his views are better exposed and ridiculed.

The rabble folk seem to agree with Zaik to a large degree, at least as far as his views about Jews are concerned. As far as some of them are concerned, his banning is all part of the evil Zionist/B'nai Brith conspiracy, which is a popular motif among the "humanitarians" at rabble.

They also have a selective interest in free speech that does not extend to Ann Coulter.

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