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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Lesson Kevin Neish Hasn't Learned - tell the truth, that way you don't have to keep track of your lies

Kevin Neish, one of the Canadian participants on the Mavi Marmara's attempt to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza, is still having trouble keeping his story straight. In fact there are so many inconsistencies to his recounting of events, it's hard to keep track of them all.

(I may or may not update this later. Neish's credibility is so nonexistent on this matter it may not be worth the effort, but here's one more just for now:)

At the 7:11 point of the video below, Kevin Neish, talking to an audience in Vancouver on June 18, 2010,  describing the violence between the Turkish activists and the Israelis boarding the Mavi Marmara says, "I didn't see the first shots, so don't even ask me."


But in his interview with Carol MacNeil on June 3, 2010 at the 7:25 point of the interview you can see through this link,  in claiming that the Turks didn't fire at the Israelis, Neish says "there was no gunfire from the ship."

He has consistently said the Turks on board the ships didn't use guns, but Neish has now admitted he "didn't see the first shots" so how would he know who fired them and where they came from?

What strikes me as incredible is that every time Neish retells this story, it changes to suit his purpose, which is the hallmark of a pathological liar.

Evidently Neish didn't learn a lesson of which people with integrity are well aware; Tell the truth, that way you don't have to keep track of your lies.

UPDATE: June 22 - Blogger Blazing Cat Fur has provided an interesting footnote to Kevin Neish's evening of song & dance.


Xanthippa said...

It is interesting to listen to what he actually DID say!

At the beginning, when he talks about how they were permitted on the boat, he clearly says that all the Westerners were searched and patted down and completely disarmed by the Islamist. Even his pocket knife was confiscated from him! In other words, the Islamists made sure that these people were defenseless.

Next he says the film crew had some alcohol and that the Islamists confiscated it and threw it overboard - imposing Sharia on their 'guests'...

At about the 6 minute mark, he tells us all the women were seggregated and locked up in one area below deck.

Somewhere at about 8-9 minute area, he goes on and on about how Israeli soldiers were taken deep into the bowels of the ship 'to keep them out of harm's way'!!! And even he is having a hard time spitting this out - which is why it takes him so much hmmm-hing and haaa-ing: even he does not think that if he just stated that the Israeli soldiers were quickly dragged deep into the bowels of the ship that anyone would take this to mean anything else than that they are being locked up as hostages.... Otherwise, WHOM are they 'being kept safe FROM'?

The peaceful demonstrators?

The Western observers?

Or their fellow Israeli soldiers?

Near the end (about 15 min. mark), though his tone belies the meaning of his words, he clearly says that Al Jazeera is making untrue claims about the very documents they are showing him flip through on the ship.....

I think that IF one were to take exactly the same words he said to describe the event, but put a different affect and tone to them as they were being said (get a good actor or something), segments of this very same speech could be used to paint a very different picture of what happened!

Oh - and at about the 12 minute mark, he goes on and on about the attack occurring at 4 am -DURING a 'regular' Muslim prayer time....another Israeli insult to the Muslims. Is ther any 'regular' Muslim prayer time at 4 am?

truepeers said...

I have the whole event recorded on my voice recorder. I have to say I think Neish is a consummate b.s. artist, knows what his audience wants to hear, tells a grandiose story accordingly, based on nothing much except wild imagination of what his "observations" mean. He didn't see much, below decks, but he can swear the Israelis strafed the deck with machine gun fire from helicopter. He could swear the Israeli who poked his gun in the door would have shot him and everyone if the brave Turks hadn't fought back and whipped his gun with chains (as if that would make it less likely he would attack). And on and on he made claims about Israeli brutality he could not i think defend under any kind of cross examination.

He didn't mention Hamas once. He has no sense of the history of the conflict offering only the most naive statement that for thousands of years Jews and Arabs lived together in peace, until the damned Zionists showed up. He swore up and down that the flotilla had every international law on their side (though later when asked another question admitted he didn't know much law), despite all the arguments since the event that Israel acted legitimately.

The guy professes all he cares about is going after bullies (has a history of leftist actions in central America). He does not apparently entertain the the thought that maybe he is a bully. At one point some goo goo genocidaire in the audience asked Neish of the Flotilla whether a scar (i think it was) that he noticed on Neish was caused by the Israelis. The guy wanted more blood libel but Neish told him no he just got in a fight with the town bully in Port Renfrew. Because that's the kind of guy I am.

Anyway, I have two hours of audio and when I have time I may transcribe it to show you all the thought processes of the man and of the crowd that listened to him as some kind of hero.

But how much time and energy, which I don't have a lot of right now, is this guy or his words worth? SHould I publicize them? If anyone wants to help transcribe this, maybe I can send you a disc with the file.


Anonymous said...

Kevin Neish has a neurotic need for attention, which is why he is a 'career' activist, and also why his story keeps changing. Often this sort of pathological drive comes from feelings that one's parents didn't love them enough. Kevin really needs to get into therapy before he causes himself and/or others more harm.