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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Minor Earthquake Hits Toronto

A minor earthquake rattled homes and buildings in southern Ontario and upstate New York at approximately 2 pm today. No significant damage was reported.

Some mullah in Iran probably will blame the Toronto earthquake on provocatively dressed women.

A small price to pay, says I

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Anonymous said...

Lol. Hilarious. It is of no secret that the middle eastern populace (especially the uneducated, who possess a vague understanding of the quran) come up with these primitive and illogical statements. They blame economic and natural disasters for following a religious creed other than Islam. Its funny. Lets not forget that the Middle Eastern region also experiences some disasters, but the common reaction to that is "God is punishing us for not being proper muslims." This is all a result of having poor education in many fields of today's curriculum, along with a lack of understanding of *true* Islam. May knowledge prevail.

- A Muslim