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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Linda McQuaig equates self-defense to terrorists murdering a wheelchair-bound civillian

Linda McQuaig has just compared the Israeli action in enforcing the blockade to prevent weapons being smuggled into Gaza to the Palestinian terrorists' 1985 seizing of the Achille Lauro and their murder of a wheelchair-bound American in this article published in The Toronto Star


I think it would, under the best of circumstances, require a moral imbecile to make that comparison.

McQuaig backs herself up with an eyewitness acount from none other than Kevin Neish who, in McQuaig's words: "also on-board, report[ed] that the attack began with Israeli commandos firing live ammunition onto the darkened ship from helicopters above"

As you can see from yesterday's post, she might want to find a more credible eyewitness.


Why does anything involving Israel cause the far-left crazies to go off the deep end?


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