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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Harper shows leadership while Prince Bonehead cracks jokes about the Ukraine

To be honest, I don't think Justin Trudeau should be pilloried for his joke about Russia being upset about their Olympic hockey loss to Canada and the possibility of their taking it out on Ukraine. I appreciate a politician showing they have some sense of humor, and really, in the hierarchy of stupid Justin Trudeau comments, it ranks pretty low.

But jokes aside, Prince Bonehead still has shown absolutely nothing in the way of leadership ability. On the other hand, Stephen Harper has shown astute understanding of the situation and support for Ukrainian democracy. The Prime Minister will be sending a delegation headed by Foreign Minister John Baird on Friday to meet with the Ukrainian transitional government.

UPDATE: Mark Steyn - When it comes to telling jokes, Justin Trudeau's no Ronald Reagan:
The Commissar for Collective Farms asks the farmer how the harvest is going.
"Oh, comrade commissar! If we piled up all the potatoes, they would reach the foot of God!"
The commissar rebukes him sternly. "Comrade farmer, this is the Soviet Union. There is no God."
"That's okay," says the farmer. "There are no potatoes."
What's the difference between Reagan's jokes and Trudeau's? Reagan used jokes to illuminate the Soviet condition - the bureaucratic sclerosis, the inefficiency, the agreed lies... By comparison, Trudeau's jest about Russian hockey and the Kiev bloodbath isn't really a joke at all, is it? That's to say, it doesn't illuminate anything about Ukraine.

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