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Monday, February 17, 2014

"Mr. Charisma" now has slight lead in Ontario polls

Imagine how far ahead a more dynamic leader would be in a race against the current Liberals, who are running the most incompetent, corrupt government in Ontario's history.

If the Ontario Progressive Conservatives do not win a majority, a Liberal/NDP coalition is a strong possibility, since their policies are virtually indistinguishable and the Liberals will do anything to retain power. The current polls will likely postpone Kathleen Wynne from calling an election until either her numbers increase or the 5 year period since the last election elapses.


Unknown said...

Actually, the party is ahead by two or three points. Lil' Timmy himself is running third in he polling for "best premier," and he polls a full six points behind his party.

It might seem difficult to imagineay to fuck, but unless Wynne and Horwath commit suicide together, Hudak WILL find a way to fuck this up. He blew a 15 point lead in '11, so throwing away three points should be as natural as breathing to him!

Richard K said...

Your prognostication could very well be right, Skippy.

The way things are going now, the NDP is running as the anti-tax party. Although don't bet on that to last in the event they win the next provincial election.

Unknown said...

Well, Timmy just imploded.