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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The spawning-ground of "Israeli Apartheid Week" has bottomed out to a list of pathetic, unknown cretins

University of Toronto's "Israeli Apartheid Week"
 has bottomed out to this
"Israeli Apartheid Week," the annual hate-fest where lunatics, Islamists, fascists and  communist totalitarians assemble to spew out hatred of Jewish self determination under the pretense of anti-Zionism, seems to have fizzled out at its spawning ground.

It began at the University of Toronto and spread like a malignant virus to other university campuses, attracting the vile, the stupid, and the vicious to participate in a cretinous carnival of polemical poison.

The many, obvious, horrendous human rights abuses routinely committed by Israel's neighbors have rendered the frenzied effort of radicals to demonize the only middle eastern country that has a liberal democracy, respects human rights, and allows freedom of religious practice to all its citizens apparent. The so-called "Israel Apartheid Week" is an antisemitic endeavor to destroy the only middle eastern country that doesn't practice actual apartheid.

The Canadian government has made it very clear that it views "Israeli Apartheid Week" as antisemitism and even the usual low-lifes who would be featured at such a gathering have evidently realized that it would be too discrediting to continue the association.

This year, the University of Toronto hasn't even been able to get the usual vapid fanatics, the Naomi Kleins, the Judy Rebicks, whom at least bring some name-recognition to their orgy of bile.

This year, the list of pathetic losers has bottom out so far that their "star" speaker is one of the leaders, pictured above, of the demented "Queers Against Israeli Apartheid."

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DCD said...

A veritable vector of vitriol! Verily you vilify the cretenous creatures that collect and collude in the cauldrons and corridors of their cancerous folly.