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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

You can try to scare me all you like, I'm still going to drink Coca-Cola

But these 20 practical (non-ingestive) uses for Coke compiled to convince you it doesn't belong inside your body are pretty freaky (and useful household hints)


The Hammer said...

I am drinking it now.

I have a friend from Jordan who swears Pepsi is excellent for clearing slow moving drains. Two 2L bottles she says does the trick.

Coke syrup is also an amazing nausea medicine. When I was a kid and got sick I would throw up a lot. My mother keep a bottle full of flat coke for when it happened. A few sips ever couple hours did the trick.

The Hammer said...

PS, lemon juice is also excellent for cleaning but you do not hear people crying about that one :P