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Monday, February 17, 2014

Poll says Canadians think justice system is too lenient, so Liberals, NDP and the CBC say Canadians must be reeducated

In a move that is entirely typical of the delusional arrogance of Canada's leftist political establishment, their response to a poll indicating that a majority of Canadians have lost confidence in the justice system is not to fix the system but to want to reeducate the pubic to be satisfied with it.

An internal study conducted by the Justice Department and obtained by the Canadian Press  "concludes the public believes victims are too often ignored in the justice system, and that prisons do a poor job of rehabilitating offenders."

The Conservative government has committed to introducing legislation to impose tougher mandatory sentences for crimes such as sex offenses against children and for the system to place more importance on the right of victims. But Opposition critics in the NDP and Liberal parties, as well as some federal bureaucrats argue that declining rates of crime in some areas mean that Canadians need to be "educated" about the virtues of the existing system.

These opposition critics probably do not live in crime-ridden areas of Toronto, however one or two may represent areas of Vancouver where during elections, junkies are reportedly given sandwiches   and are bussed to polling stations with instructions to cast a vote for a particular candidate.

Remarkably, in its usual effort to spin the news to its own biases, the CBC reported this story as "Canadians think fix for courts lies in education, report says" implying it it is not a small number of politicians and bureaucrats and CBC wonks who think that, but the majority of Canadians who in fact hold the opposite view.

This CBC headline implies the exact opposite of the study's conclusion


Pyrodafox said...

I noticed the CBC article does not allow comments. Quite telling, no?

Beauty From Ashes said...

"NDP and the CBC say Canadians must be reeducated"

Sure. Just send the whole lot of us off to your Liberal/NDP/Fabian Socialist Re-education Camps.

They just can't stand people like us who THINK FOR OURSELVES. Tell them so at the next election by VOTING.THEM.OUT.OF.EXISTENCE.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the turn coat cons have decided to jettison the party base , knowing full well their base won't vote for anyone else because the alternative seems worse. Pure Machiavellian Politics.

Richard K said...

The alternative would be to hold on to that base and lose elections, like Preston Manning and Stockwell Day.

But it's not the Tories who want to reeducate the public to embrace a failed system - it's their opponents.