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Monday, February 3, 2014

Roger Waters is still a creepy, overrated, bitter old bigot

One of the wonderful things about Israel is that it that brings out the worst in creepy old bigots and lets the world see the awfulness that was otherwise hidden behind their facades.

Heil Waters!
It took Israel to highlight that The Color Purple author Alice Walker, who had fooled the world into thinking she was bright and thoughtful, is really something else. Her anti-Israel fanaticism led to Walker revealing herself as a crazy bigot who thinks the world is controlled by alien reptiles.

The same has proved the case for septuagenarian, has-been musician Roger Waters. Israel already provoked Waters into making explicit his anti-Semitic, conspiratorial lunacy that earned him the support of former Ku Klux Klan boss David Duke. In his latest outburst against Hollywood star Scarlett Johannson's association with an Israeli soft drink maker, Waters has made it apparent that he is a creepy, old nutbar with very limited intellectual capabilities.

But before getting further into that, let's just take a moment to address the myth that Roger Waters is a "musical genius."

What a load of bullshit.

Waters was a band member in Pink Floyd which in terms of above average ouput managed to put out all of two decent albums in the 1970's (Wish You Were Here and Dark Side Of The Moon). The Wall, though a massive-seller, was a double-album of self-indulgent crap. Seriously, can you name a single song from that 90 or so minutes of boring swill other than the droning, repetitive, Another Brick in the Wall Part 2?  All indications are that guitarist David Gilmour was the real talent in Pink Floyd, since his lack of writing contribution to the group's last album, The Final Cut, resulted in two sides of slow, sanctimonious tedium which is pretty much how Waters himself could be described if you were to subtract one side. 

The entire list of memorable songs attributable to Pink Floyd over 16 years from their 11 studio albums doesn't equal that from just single albums like The Barenaked Ladies' Gordon or Fine Young Cannibals' first eponymous album.

Still doubtful? All right; then I challenge you to name a single notable composition by "musical genius" Waters in the 31 years since Pink Floyd broke up in 1983.

But back to Waters' latest self-embarrassment with Scarlett Johannson. In a facebook posting, Waters ridiculously attempts to chastise Johansson for her association with Israel but instead exposes himself as a repulsive old lecher. He will be 71 years old this year but Waters writes that he "met Scarlett a year or so ago... I confess I was somewhat smitten." However, because it turns out that the beautiful actress does not share his deranged, obsessive hatred for Israel, Waters is no longer crushing on Scarlett, who is more than 40 years younger than the irrelevant old musician.

"There's no fool like an old fool," Waters rebukes himself for his longing for the young beauty. That loss of a potential love would probably come as a relief to Johannson, who wasn't even born when the then middle-aged Waters released the last Pink Floyd album.

In Waters' facebook note, the antiquated rocker concludes with a condescending, sexist, "Scarlett, you are undeniably cute"  and a final implication that she lacks his intellectual heft and understanding of  the complex Israeli-Palestinian dispute.

The opposite is more the case. Waters is a sanctimonious boor who has taken in a few small pieces of information provided by one side and has presumed a thorough understanding of a quagmire well beyond his lightweight mental capacity.

Indeed there is no fool like an old fool, but Waters is flattering himself. The stupidity, bigotry, lecherous creepiness, sanctimony and hypocrisy that he embodies transcends foolishness into something far worse.


Anonymous said...

I still remember a long time ago, I think a decade and a half ago, when Oxfam got in trouble when it was running donation requests ad on tv for the starving children in Central America, and then it was exposed they were given the money to the armed rebels there.

Oxfam's excuse was that the best way to help the children was to fund the resistance, but they stopped running the ads.

I think this might have even been Oxfam Canada who was running those ads.

Anonymous said...

Roger Waters sure looks proud to be dressed up in Nazi-like leather outfit with a red armband!

I wonder if he is taking lessons on how to tatoo people?

Richard K said...

Oxfam, like a number of of these so-called "charities," such as Amnesy International, has become a politicized advocacy organization for funding the world's miscreants.

They have dumped money into anti-Israel organizations


Anonymous said...

Could not believe Dave Bidini's embarassing column in the National Post. A cloying "letter" written in a sentimental adolescent voice excusing Waters's anti-semiticism.

Unknown said...

Noam Chomsky is anti Israel and he's Jewish.

Richard K said...

Yup. Chomsky's also American and anti-American and he thinks that it would have been good if Japan hadn't lost in World War 2. So basically, despite being lauded as the last great living intellectual among the left, the guy is a couple of beers short of a six pack.