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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In keeping with this blog's highbrow tone, an article about how the color of your urine can indicate the state of your health

The most sacred image of the national heritage of Belgium - a kid taking a pee

TORONTO - It's something we all get rid of several times a day - and sometimes in the middle of the night - but it's not exactly a topic of everyday or, let's face it, polite conversation.

Still, urine, pee — call it what you will — can tell a lot about a person's health, especially when it comes to colour.

Urine is comprised of waste products and excess fluid that are filtered from the blood by the kidneys. When healthy, these twin fist-sized organs filter up to about 150 litres of blood each day, producing one to two litres of urine that is passed through the tube-like ureters to the bladder for elimination through the urethra.

How much urine an individual produces depends on many factors, including the amount of liquids and types of foods ingested and how much fluid is lost through perspiration and respiration.

Ever wonder why urine can look amber-coloured in the morning, but range from straw to sunshine yellow at different times throughout the day?


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