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Friday, September 9, 2016

Conservative leadership candidate Tony Clement proposes tougher screening of new immigrants

OTTAWA — Conservative leadership candidate Tony Clement says he will propose enhanced security screening for immigrants — but not a values test — as part of a broader plan for countering the threat of terrorism.

“If we can give our security personnel the right tools to identify potential threats to our country, then I believe that is exactly what we should be doing and quite frankly, that is where the threat is,” Clement said Thursday as he shared part of the national security platform he plans to unveil in greater detail next week.

“It’s people who take their thoughts and then process those thoughts and then act on those thoughts to do damage to our society and to do violence to our society. That’s where our focus should be,” Clement said in an interview from Montreal...

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gama said...

The crass effrontery of suggesting potential Canadian immigrants should be screened for " anti-Canadian-Values " is an example of jaw-dropping Canadian xenophobia ! This type of bigotry has the libertine-progressives reaching for the smelling salts and clutching at their pearls . Such blatant intolerance needs to be prohibited , it’s blasphemous to the multi-cultural commandment of absolute moral/cultural/spiritual relativism , & all need to genuflect at that “progressive” altar……….. CAPICHE ?