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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"Independent Jewish Voices" working to help a regime that promises a genocide of Jews

If the degenerate group of anti-Israel extremists who call themselves Independent Jewish Voices had been around during Hitler's reign in Germany, it's entirely plausible they would have been shoving Jews into the gas chambers and all the while saying, "Nazis can't be anti-Semitic, they're letting us work with them!"

That organization of Munchausen Jews, whose sole identifiable purpose in proclaiming religious affiliation is to give cover to anti-Israel fanaticism, is proud of its cooperation with representatives of a regime which promises a genocide of Israel's Jewish population. Iran also is the primary sponsor of Hezbollah, whose declared goal is to kill all Jews worldwide.

Iran has again threatened to commit a genocide in Israel, promising this week to "turn Tel Aviv and Haifa to dust." It is that same Iran which representatives of Independent Jewish Voices regularly help out, like the kapos that cooperated with concentration camp killers.

Routinely appearing at pro-Iran al Quds Day rallies calling for Israel's destruction, Independent Jewish Voices' only real moral difference with kapos is that the latter are on a higher moral plane. Those who worked with the Nazis did so to survive, while Independent Jewish Voices slither along with the murderous aspirations of Iran to try to get attention for themselves as "activists."

The group's derangement is hardly a surprise, considering not only its activities, but the fact that it was founded by a 9/11 conspiracy nutcase. But what is particularly disgraceful is that biased, irresponsible mainstream media venues like the Toronto Star and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation often give them a public platform as representatives of an 'alternative' Jewish perspective. It would be just as reasonable to present Paul Bernardo as an alternative voice about sexual assault issues.


Anonymous said...

CIJA has a number of non-Jews on its executive board such as Lorne Nystrom and Mario Silva - they even used to have Fr. Raymond DeSouza. Does that make CIJA Munschhausen Jews? What about Bnai Brith whose longtime leader "Dr." Frank Dimant is a professor at Canada Christian College, an institution that for a long time was associated with messianic Jews and attempts to convert Jews to Christianity. Are Bnai Brith Munschausen Jews as well?

Richard K said...

Clearly, you completely missed the point.

People who have no interest in being Jews other than to say, "look, I'm a Jew against this or that" and using their a religious affiliation only to express a political point are Munchausen Jews. As are people who aren't actually Jews but pretend to be, like some mentally unbalanced "Independent Jewish Voices" members. None of the examples you used are that. CIJA and Bnai Brith do interfaith outreach and cooperate with other religious organizations.

That's not remotely the same as someone pretending to be a Jew for the purpose of saying "Anti-Israel activism can't be antisemitic, because I do it and I'm a Jew," like the Independent Jewish Voices kapos.