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Friday, September 9, 2016

Vancouver fans of Mao Zedong gather to sing his praises, to the horror of fellow Chinese immigrants

...Last Saturday night, in a nondescript music hall in Richmond, about 100 Mao fans gathered to literally sing the late Communist leader’s praises.

Meanwhile, a group of fellow Chinese community members, horrified by the event, were waving placards outside, denouncing their former countrymen for their devotion to a “criminal against humanity” and their supposed failure to embrace “Canadian values”.

Among the protesters was Yang Kuang, a Chinese political refugee who arrived in Canada last year, only to find “Maoists” in his midst. “No one would hold public memorial events for Adolf Hitler or Hideki Tojo,” he told me this week. He warned that “pro-Communist groups have become ever more active while growing stronger and stronger” in Vancouver...

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