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Friday, February 22, 2013

CBC promotes Iran-linked stooge working against Canada's interests

Yesterday CBC Hamilton put out a story on their website about a local activist who has a surprise visit from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). The article painted a picture of an innocent man being ‘threatened’ by CSIS agents for simply writing an article titled Harper Is Wrong Demonizing Iran. It sounds scary, doesn’t it?    
Reading this story one is likely to think it’s about a dissident in China, Iran, or Turkmenistan- not Hamilton. But, are things really that scary in Canada or is there more to the story? In this case, there’s much more- in fact, the CBC’s article misses so much of the story that readers are left to wonder if it was intentional…  
The CBC’s story describes Stone as a “labour and anti-racism advocate”. It’s not so interesting how labelled him as what they didn’t tell us. Stone is one of the most prominent anti-Israel protesters in Canada- here’s a video of him speaking at the controversial Al Quds rally in Toronto last year. Considering that Iran is one of the world’s most anti-Israeli governments, you’d think the CBC would have mentioned his affiliations and how they relate to the story.   
When Stone appeared on the Iranian government owned PressTV in January he was given a different identity- they introduced him as a “protester from the Idle No More movement”. This is significant because it starts to explain why CSIS took an interest in his work. PressTV, the Iranian government, and their Canadian agents have been actively working towards inciting indigenous revolts.

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