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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Toronto Council's left wing wants taxpayers to subsidize and enable illegal aliens

A motion, currently being held by left-wing councillor Joe Mihevc, would prevent Toronto city employees from notifying authorities if an illegal alien with a criminal record seeks civic services.

This motion was recommended for adoption by the Community Development and Recreation Committee which is comprised of some of the city's least-able Councilors, including convicted drunk driver Ana Bailao and Joe "St. Clair Streetcar Fiasco King" Mihevc.

Advocating for the motion are some of the most idiotic radicals the city has to offer including the violent, class warfare proponents of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty and the lunatic Trotskyites of No One Is Illegal.

Anticipating public outrage, among the Community Development and Recreation Committee's recommendations were "a complaints protocol and a public education strategy to inform Torontonians of our policy. "

The motion, which uses the soft-headed, politically-correct term "undocumented workers" instead of the more accurate illegal aliens can be viewed here.

Nice to know the socialist left on Toronto City Council wants to help protect foreign murderers and rapists and others exploiting Canada's laws from being outed to federal immigration and subsidized by Canadian citizens and Toronto taxpayers.

A link to the committee's report is here.


Anonymous said...

I heard someone from No One Is Illegal claiming there are "400,000 undocumented workers" in Toronto and that they are entitled to what anybody else is under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

No One Is Illegal is demanding all those illegally in Canada deserve free health care, free housing, employment equity and welfare.

They do not believe in citizenship as being valid and that Canada should have no border policy. Of course the two "white" people who are in their executive Stef and Mac are paralegal's working for immigration lawyers Rocco Galati and Mamman and Associates.

Of course these are the same people who have Joe Mihevc, Janet Davis, Sarah Doucette, Paula Fletcher and Adam Vaughan's support to give non-citizens the vote in city elections!

Unknown said...

First No One Is Illegal is in our schools, now city hall? Wow, now I've seen it all...

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say Stef and Mac are also long time OCAP executive members too.

The Hammer said...

Kristyn Wong-Tam is now saying anyone who is not Aboriginal is an "undocumented" immigrant.


I find this very insulting. I was born in this country. As were 3 of my four grandparents and their parents. The one grandparent who was not came here as a teenager, sponsored by her father, and was documented. Her father, who came here as a documented worker, followed all proper immigration procedures in sponsoring her to come here.

Richard K said...

One wonders if Wong-Tam is naturally so foolish or if it required years of training and hard work to obliterate any semblance of common sense.