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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Toronto District School Board is shamed into removing Black Panther and El Salvadoran Communist party lessons

The Toronto District School Board disappeared a couple of controversial lessons from its website yesterday.

Removed from TDSB website
Following exposure by this blog earlier in the week of lessons promoting the racist, violent Black Panther organization and the Communist Party of El Salvador, the TDSB was left red-faced and killed the pages.

A reader of Eye on a Crazy Planet provided tips to the lessons and a post on this blog, which was picked up by some conservative blogs, pressured the TDSB to act.

The National Post (which quoted Eye on a Crazy Planet without mentioning the blog by name) followed up on the story and reported the TDSB's reaction.

Unfortunately, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

While blatant examples of the abuse of the education system to promote a politicized agenda sometimes shame the TDSB into excising particular lessons, that agenda remains in place. It will likely get worse in the foreseeable future with the appointment of an Ontario Institute for Studies in Education graduate as Premier of Ontario, and with the appointment of another OISE grad, Donna Quan, as the TDSB's acting Education Director. OISE is a fanatical, politicized institution where anti-capitalist activism is allowed to substitute for academic standards. And it is the place where the people who form Ontario's educational policies are taught and have their ideas shaped.

The only way this type of betrayal of our children will ever stop is if average parents continue to monitor what is happening in schools. It's tragic that many of our elected leaders and those entrusted to educate our children abuse that trust to further their own ideologies, which have nothing to do with actual education. But as long as that's the case, then there is no other choice than for average citizens to do what they can to push back.

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