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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Great Leader Kim Dong Wynne takes a massive dump on Ontario taxpayers

Despite her rhetoric about working with both parties, it’s now clear Wynne intends to buy the support of the NDP with our tax dollars, in an attempt to keep her Liberal minority government alive.

Her throne speech was politically dishonest and awash in elitist bafflegab meant to deceive average Ontarians about what the Liberals have in mind.

Take, for example, how Wynne purports to inform residents of the Greater Toronto Area that her government is going to impose higher taxes and road tolls on them, without ever using the words “tax” or “toll”, ostensibly to pay for improved public transit.

To wit: “If we continue to argue about the tools this investment will require, then we are deaf to the symphony of progress that echoes around us.  “

The new government is confident that the people of Ontario are willing to participate in a practical discussion of these costs if they can be guaranteed measurable results.”

What a load of bull.

Another prespective from Kelly McParland's piece in the National Post

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