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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Marc Garneau calls out Justin Trudeau for his lack of policy and vision

From Garneau's campaign website:

I believe this leadership race is the time for the party to vigorously debate the issues of importance to Liberals, to Canadians; to define where we stand as a party; and to select the person who can best lead us. 

That's the fundamental difference between Justin Trudeau and myself.

Justin believes telling Canadians we need a 'bold' plan and a 'clear vision' without defining either is good enough. He speaks in vague generalities, and on his two key priorities - the middle-class and youth - he has presented no direction. 

Justin says he will do that after the Liberal leadership race is over - sometime before the next election in 2015.

As Liberals, we cannot wait that long to find out what we signed up for.

That is like asking Canadians to buy a new car without first test-driving it.

We must know what we are voting for, not just who we are voting for. 

Personally, I think Trudeau does have a vision, but he's afraid if if he publicizes it, the country will see what an idiot he is.

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