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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Obama having a hissy fit over Hagel filibuster

Obama whined during an Internet broadcast about the Republican filibuster aimed at delaying the Senate confirmation vote on the inept buffoon he nominated for Defense Secretary.

What happened to Chuck Hagel was the exact opposite of unprecedented. It was typical Washington. Liberals did it to Defense nominee John Tower. Then in a moment of pure poetic justice, the second nominee, easily confirmed, was Dick Cheney. Liberals brought "Borking" into the lexicon a quarter of a century ago. Unlike Hagel, Judge Robert Bork was actually qualified for the job he wanted. Liberals trying to claim that the situations are not 100 percent analogous are trying to split the hairs on Charlie Brown's head. A President who likes to nominate unqualified people to virtually every major government position is doing so again. The precedent is the last four years. It is typical.

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