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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Toronto District School Board still dissembles about its classroom promotion of Marxism

It may seem that only a crazy person would suggest that the largest public school board in Canada, a country that is one of the bastions of western democracy and successful capitalism, is actively, doggedly  promoting Marxist ideology to grade-schoolers.

After all, what government would allow its education system to undermine the fundamental principles of  society? And even if that were happening, who would expect taxpayers to sit still for it?

Yet that\s exactly what is going on in the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) , under the noses of the public, guided by appointees of the Toronto School Board of Trustees and with the full authorization of the Ontario Liberal Party government's Ministry of Education.

It sounds too preposterous to be true, but only last week a National Post article exposed the TDSB lesson plan which provided a Marxist hagiography of the violent, racist Black Panther organization which was initially uncovered by the blog Eye on a Crazy Planet along with another laudatory lesson about the Communist Party of El Salvador.

As soon as the TDSB was publicly embarrassed by attention garnered by the blog post, it removed the lessons, as it had in the past after lessons praising the murderous, totalitarian Cuban revolutionary leader Che Guevara was exposed by Toronto blogger Blazing Cat Fur.

If he were a communist instead of a National Socialist, undoubtedly there'd be a TDSB lesson praising Hitler, who was responsible for the creation of the Volkswagen and the building of the autobahn, as a transportation.visionary while mentioning nothing about the Nazi invasion of Europe and the Holocaust.

The Toronto District School Board is making out as if their adulation of communist icons and ideologies are just a few anomalies that have slipped by their notice.

They are lying.

These lessons are part of a systematic effort to infuse a Marxist-based ideological approach to education. It is an ideology actively promoted at the radical Ontario Institute for Studies in Education from which both the disgraced former TDSB Education Director Chris Spence and the current acting Director Donna Quan are alumni.

The TDSB continues to infuse neo-Marxist ideology in education under the guise of its so-called Social Justice agenda. This includes conditioning children in math classes to believe that consumerism is wrong and that military spending is the primary cause of poverty.

It continues in lesson plans across the TDSB where communist ideas are still portrayed as those to which we should aspire.

Two months ago, I wrote to the Chair of Toronto's Board of School Trustees objecting to the politicized use of the so-called social justice agenda in the TDSB's curriculum. I didn't write the letter as a concerned citizen, or as a trouble-stirring blogger, but as the co-Chair of the Parents' Council at the second largest High School within the Toronto District High School. The response was an email from Board Chair Chris Bolton, followed by one from Donna Quan with couple of platitudes and a commitment to get back to me.

Two full months later, I have heard noting further from either of them. If the petit sovereigns who rule the TDSB are prepared to ignore someone who is both the Chair of the Parents Council at a school with over 1900 students and who has ready media access, imaging how dismissive they are towards the average parent.

Actually, no imagination is required for that. The contempt the TDSB heads have for the public is made explicitly clear by them every day.

UPDATE: Revelations about the TDSB get worse every day - they use the anti-Semitic, hateful lunatic conspiracy theorist Louis Farrakhan as a role model in their "Equitable Schools Resource Guide."

Here's a math question for you: How many morons does it take to screw up your child's education?

Answer = The number of employees at the TDSB's head office.

Here's the mental case talking about his visit to a UFO

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget this story of public school indoctriction of 8 year-olds

Hey, hey, we’re 8, let's smash the state!


OCAP is very open it has quite a few supporters in the public school system and a number of members though mostly in their political wing the New Socialists who are Toronto teachers.