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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Toronto District School Board adopts Glorious Leader Wynne's program to teach hatred of class enemies

The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) is a radical group of often violent, foul-mouthed fanatics whose leaders advocate for class warfare. With offers of free food and clothing, they bribe mentally ill and homeless people who have little knowledge of the positions they advocate to attend their demonstrations.

They are known for their attempts at verbal and physical intimidation of politicians and citizens who disagree with their hateful agenda. OCAP frequently makes common cause with an organization of Trotskyite lunatics called No One Is Illegal which is closely linked with the violent Black Bloc.

So who better, in the questionable judgement of the commissars of the Toronto District School Board, to provide classroom instruction for Marxist-sounding ``Anti-Classism Education`` than these vicious organizations. It doesn`t take much of a look to see that the TDSB and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne`s Ministry of Education share the same goals of those groups of replacing western `neo-liberal democracy` with the socialist paradise they envision; one the class enemies are either re-educated or eliminated.

From the looks of things, Ontario is in some very deep trouble.

See link to TDSB page here
h-t Matthew at Eye on a Crazy Planet`s facebook group


The Hammer said...

I posted the TDSB link on Genuinewitty yesterday. He will be writing the head of the TDSB and is encouraging others to do so:


Link also contains his coverage of OCAP's City Hall protest Friday night. OCAP commissars tried to have Genuinewitty thrown out. It is hilarious.

The Hammer said...

Genuinewitty is writing a letter to the head of the TDSB about this.

He also has a video of the OCAP protest from Friday night. What happened is even funnier than you could imagine.