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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Palestinian propaganda film maker held for questioning at LA X until intervention by famous obese socialist

The histrionic idiocy suggests the type of over-exaggerated propaganda routinely put out by Palestinian activists and their supporters:

"Last night, on my way from Turkey to Los Angeles, CA, my family and I were held at U.S. immigration for about an hour and questioned about the purpose of my visit to the United States," Burnat said in a statement issued to THR. "Immigration officials asked for proof that I was nominated for an Academy Award for the documentary 5 Broken Cameras and they told me that if I couldn't prove the reason for my visit, my wife Soraya, my son Gibreel and I would be sent back to Turkey on the same day. After 40 minutes of questions and answers, Gibreel asked me why we were still waiting in that small room. I simply told him the truth: 'Maybe we'll have to go back.' I could see his heart sink. 
Although this was an unpleasant experience, this is a daily occurrence for Palestinians, every single day, throughout he West Bank. There are more than 500 Israeli checkpoints, roadblocks, and other barriers to movement across our land, and not a single one of us has been spared the experience that my family and I experienced yesterday. Ours was a very minor example of what my people face every day."

 This is the time of "oppression" and "war crime" they complain about, or as we in the west call it, routine security measures.

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