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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gary McHale's Jubilee Medal and the idiots who tried to slander him

[McHale] was nominated by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation for his work of exposing the provincial government’s tax waste in the Caledonia area. At the ceremony he received his medal from Gregory Thomas, Federal and Ottawa Director of the CTP.

I am sure that for the 60,000 ordinary and extraordinary Canadians, who received the medal, that was just another pleasant life episode with smiling officials, clapping family members and boring parties.
Not so with Gary – nothing about him is ordinary. The nomination touched off a storm of wailing and gnashing of teeth, which could be heard “from the Island to Vancouver to the Isle of Newfoundland” (as once Stompin’ Tom put it). There is nothing new about the reaction – Gary’s life resembles a detective novel continuously published in a magazine, where you anxiously wait for every new issue to see what would happen in the next chapter.

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