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How To Deal With Gaza After Hamas

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3000 Gazans celebrate yesterday's murders of 4 innocent Israelis

That would be one Gazan for every American their heroes murdered 9 years ago.

From the LA Times:

Tuesday's attack occurred near Hebron, when a gunman opened fire on a passing vehicle, killing all four passengers inside -- two men and two women from settlements in the area. The dead included a married couple with five children.
On Wednesday, hundreds of mourners attended a funeral in Beit Haggai, a settlement near Hebron where two of the victims lived.

Hebron has been a frequent flashpoint of violence in the past. Some 500 ultranationalist Jewish settlers live in heavily fortified enclaves in the city, surrounded by more than 100,000 Palestinians.
Hamas, which refuses to recognize Israel's right to exist and has condemned the new peace talks, quickly took responsibility for the shooting and vowed that more attacks would follow. About 3,000 Palestinians joined a rally in Gaza to celebrate the attack.

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