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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Avaaz' problem: Fear of competition in the marketplace of ideas

The main media concern of the anti-Globalization, neo-Marxist crowd is that they have become redundant in the marketplace of ideas. Their ideas frequently don't hold up to challenge, so in their desperation, they want to remove the sources of scrutiny.

Free exchange in the marketplace of ideas is the best way to sort out what is right from wrong. But free markets are always troubling to those who sell inferior products.

That's why Avaaz wants to tax Canadians to compel them to provide additional funding to the CBC, even though Canadians haven't expressed enough interest to support them with a large audience.

That's why Avaaz fears another source of information that has an ideological approach that conflicts with theirs.

The world has shifted towards a neo-liberal economic model with free ideas. Canada is romanticized by foreign neo-Marxists as the land of Pierre Trudeau, socialist sympathies, and Castro empathy. Now we are the land of centre-right conservatives.

SUN-TV, the alleged "FOX News North" will probably be a mediocre effort. But that is for Canadians to determine with their wallets and eyeballs, not for a New York-based politburo financed by George Soros.

Avaaz is irrelevant and in Canada has no significant influence. Their petition is a tempest in a teapot. It will have no more real effect on anything than a tweet from Margaret Atwood. But it is indicative of the totalitarianism that is rife on the left that has become so desperate for relevance that it has allied itself to extremist Islamic movements.

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