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Monday, September 6, 2010

Heather Mallick: Stupid, Crazy or both?

You decide.
"Wasn’t Blair a big liar, a Bliar? Reading his fascinating, appalling autobiography is exactly like this. The reader slips in and out of moral consciousness.
Blair’s still shifty, his face on the cover foxlike and even devilish-looking. I grew to loathe him soon after his election in 1997 such that I began boycotting Britain and vacationing in France instead. Along came Nicolas Sarkozy, the most unprincipled politician in Europe, so I take it we will be holidaying in Algonquin Provincial Park or possibly Tristan da Cunha, wherever people are honest and true. "

To be fair to Mallick, she's not the only nutcase at The Star.

It appears that with the Globe and Mail moving further to the left, the Star wants to try to compete for the ultra-leftist reader with rabble.ca.

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