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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Toronto City Council to lose one of its leftist bastions - Howard Moscoe will not seek re-election

This may be the definitive sign that the writing is on the wall. Howard Moscoe, one of the bastions of Toronto City Council's left, is not going to attempt to regain his seat in the election next month.

The long serving leftist was facing a strong challenge from Rob Ford ally, Rob Davis.

The strong polling of fiscal conservative Rob Ford, who is the 10 point leader over nearest rival George Smitherman, has shown a shift in the attitudes of Torontonians fed up with irresponsible spending and a leadership that deferred the city's interests to special interests and unions. In such a climate, Moscoe's Council seat is far from a sure thing.

It was only a few days ago that Moscoe threatened to enter the race as a mayoral candidate if his friend and leftist-caucus colleague Joe Pantalone dropped out.

The radical left has hopes for a societal revolution. They don't understand that democracies are institutionalized revolutions. Citizens have a regular opportunity, through our votes, to overthrow governments and replace them with one that reflects our wants and needs. This time, the revolution looks like it will turf out Toronto's municipal socialists.

Vive la revolution!

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