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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What kind of math do you use to promise to increase spending, freeze taxes, and lower debt all at the same time (and expect people to be stupid enough to believe you)?

this fine artistic rendition was stolen from Blazing Cat Fur

Click "Smither-math" above to see Royson James' column describing how it just doesn't add up


Unknown said...

Rob Ford's? It seems to be working for him, which is why everyone seems to be running to be him instead of mayor.

Richard K said...

Credit where it's due, though. Pantalone is the only one other than Ford who has been sticking to his platform and has presented his own vision rather than shifting to Ford's as they saw his popularity grow.

Brian said...

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Captain e-Health was not only responsible for the e-Health mess , but also Ontario’s wind power and solar power fiasco via the Green Energy Act which has and will continue to escalate hydro rates in Ontario.

To believe this walking disaster can solve Toronto’s financial mess , you must currently reside on another planet.