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Thursday, September 30, 2010

After pressuring Thomson to support Smitherman, al-Starzeera starts leaning on its former employee, Rossi

The Toronto Star hates Rob Ford.

It's editorial board has been pressuring Sarah Thomson, Rocco Rossi, and Joe Pantalone to drop out of the Toronto mayoral race and support George (Captain eHealth) Smitherman in their effort to prevent Ford from becoming mayor.

Having succeeded with Thomson, who ended her fiscally (and intellectually) bankrupt campaign this week, they are now setting their sights on Rossi.

Which shows how slow-witted some at The Toronto Star must be.

Rossi's internal polling shows three quarters of his support would go to Ford.

When the Star launched its attack campaign against Ford in June, he was in 2nd place, polling in the mid teens. After all the Star's hard work, Ford is now in first place with between a 5% and 20% lead over George Smitherman, depending on the poll.
this fine artistic rendition was stolen from Blazing Cat Fur

Keep up the good work, al-Starzeera!

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Winston said...

Fuck the commies and their toronto starzeera enablers.