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Monday, September 6, 2010

Mohammed "Elmo" Elmasry presents: 9-11 conspiracy theorist Alan Hart on Jewish feelings of persecution.

British Journalist Alan Hart is a great source of amusement.

The employee of Iranian state-controlled Press-TV regularly likes to remind people that one of his best friends his Jewish. That is supposed to convince us that he is not an anti-Semite as he goes into an insane tirade about how Mossad, the Israeli Secret Service Agency, was responsible for 9-11.

He is about as ridiculous as Jewish anti-Semite Norman Finklestein, who unceasingly reminds his audiences that he is "the child of Holocaust survivors" as if that gives his hateful bigotry towards Israel and support for terror groups like Hezbollah some special credibility.

When these two masters of paranoia got together, I witnessed something I never expected. Norman Finklestein in a conversation where he was the lesser of the vilifiers of Israel.

With credentials like those, it was only a matter of time before Alan Hart would end up being published by The Rotten Horseflesh The Canadian Charger, the fanatical home to Canada's anti-Zionist and pro 9-11 conspiracy movements, founded by Mohammed "Elmo" Elmasry.

Elmasry, when not expressing regret that he is unable to fondle other people's young children without being looked upon with suspicion, likes to facilitate crazed denunciations of Israel and Jews.

Hart's column for Elmasry is titled, "Do most Israelis and many other Jews need to feel persecuted?" In it, Hart attributes the reason that Jews don't recognize his Iranian-sponsored version of "the truth about history" to their sense of "victimhood'. Maybe that's why Hart has found a natural home in The Rotten Horseflesh's stable and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Press TV.

With the kind of love Hart and Elmo offer, the Jews will undoubtedly come to realize their sense of victimhood is all a figment of their imagination.

Here is Hart in conversation with rabid 9-11 conspiracy nut Alex Jones describing how "Israel is responsible for 9-11"

Here Hart competes with Norman Finklestein to see which can be the craziest anti-Israel conspiracist.

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