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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Anti-Semitism among the regressive imbeciles at rabble.ca

rabble ca is not noteworthy for its ideas. That online clearing house for the ranting of humourless, paranoid Marxist stooges hasn't proposed a single idea worth serious consideration.

But rabble is noteworthy for providing insight into the mind-set of prominent individuals on Canada's far left. Naomi Klein, Rick Salutin, Maude Barlow, and Linda McQuaig are all regular contributors to the histrionic mouthpiece founded by Judy Rebick and currently published by Kim Elliott, the spouse of  NDP Deputy Leader Libby Davies.

One of the regular themes of rabble is a pathological institutionalized obsession with, and hatred of  Israel that verges on anti-Semitism. Now they are venturing further into that territory. Today rabble is promoting Michael Keefer's book Anti-Semitism, Real and imagined.

The show notes from their audio presentation describe it as:
In his book Antisemitism: Real and imagined, Michael Keefer details Canada’s history of real anti-semitism, and challenges attempts to equate political criticism of Israel with a “new” anti-semitism.  At stake is the right of Canadians to exercise free speech on the issue of Palestine and Israel.

It's natural that the fanatics at rabble want to sell the lie that single-minded focus on Israel that eliminates the context of the Israeli/Palestinian dispute and places all the blame on the Israeli side has nothing to do with its being a country of Jews.

They say it's racist for a country to have a Jewish character, but have absolutely no complaint about the Islamic character of countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, but that has nothing to do with them hating and singling out Jews.

They are concerned about colonization where it doesn't exist because the Jews are behind it, but have little to say where it does, as in the Chinese colonization of Tibet.

They talk about a "genocide" of the Palestinians, which is factually ludicrous, since the population of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories has tripled since Israel took over, while they ignore the actual genocide in Darfur. But this couldn't be motivated by their Jew-hatred.

And if anyone complains about the hypocrisy of the far-left, that's just more proof of the international Zionist conspiracy.

These bigots want to persuade anyone stupid enough to take their word that the Marxofascist left's single-minded focus on Israel not only isn't anti-Semitic, but that criticism of their bigotry is somehow an inhibition of free speech. This is part of a current regular theme of the nutcase left. They are pushing the absurd, McCarthyist claim that they are allowed to say anything the want without any basis in fact, but if you so much as criticize them, you are repressing free speech.  In other words, it's more of the totalitarian left's  "free speech for me, but not for thee."

And let's look at the credibility of Michael Keefer, whose book is also being heavily promoted by Mohammed "Elmo" Elmasry's The Canadian Charger.

Keefer is a 9-11 conspiracy theorist who has claimed that George W. Bush not only won the 2000 election by fraud, but that such was the case in 2004 election as well.  He is on the Editorial Board of Elmasry's The Canadian Charger, so it is not unreasonable to assume that he is in agreement with their recent printing of a column on "Jewish sensitivity" by nutcase journalist Alan Hart, who contends that Israel and Jews were behind 9-11.

These people are laughing stocks, but they are also bigots trying to cloak their prejudice in what they call a social justice movement. If mullah-controlled Iran is your idea of a just society, you will enjoy what the brain trust at rabble.ca would have in store for us if anyone descends to the point of taking them seriously.


Rose said...

Notice that crowd can organize a rally in under a day when Israel kills a Muslims but the self same wingnuts are to busy to organize a rally to protest the half a million Africans butchered by the Arab Janjaweed. Notice how the official Muslim organizations condemn any military action taken by NATO to protect Muslims from Muslims but remain silent when our troops died saving Muslims in the Balkins? To be honest I've come to the conclusion the left support Imperialists if they are Arab or Chinese Imperialist's killing and maiming their way across Africa, however any attempt to liberate Muslims is bad bad bad because Muslims killing Muslims is none of the West's business.

Tim Johnston said...

Ha. Rabble is just the gift that keeps on giving, an endless source not only of hilarity but, as you say, an insight into the minds of regressives. As such it's an invaluable resource :)

Peace & Social Justice said...

Watch these videos and know what kind of evil people you are supporting:

Richard K said...

Thanks for the link - one can never get too much entertainment from nutcase 9-11 conspiracy theorists.