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Sunday, January 23, 2011

9-11 conspiracy oddball Joshua Blakeney presents: The Evil Zionists!

It's Joshua Blakeney, who readers of this blog know is always good for a laugh!

In today's installment of Blakeney Presents:

Israel and the Zionists responsible for 9-11! And as a special bonus.. the Saudis involved apparently weren't even on the planes!

With anti-Semite James Petras and Kooky Kevin Barrett cited as an authoritative sources.

(The same Kevin Barrett known for saying of such neo-conservative, pro-Zionist icons as Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman:

"If he convinces even one person to do something other than work for 9/11 truth, he may as well have personally murdered all 6 billion people on earth.”   

“Amy, you will one day find yourself on the scaffold, condemned to hang alongside the other Goebbels-style traitors and mass-murder-coverup-conspirators from the corporate media you pretend to criticize....”)

Another of Blakeney's impeccable sources is Susan Lindauer, an American who was arrested as an Iraqi spy  but was found by a US court to be mentally unfit to stand trial. 

Aren't you glad your tax dollars are going to subsidize this guy's "research"?! Don't forget to congratulate the University of Lethbridge for being a world leader in academic buffoonery. It doesn't get much crazier than this:

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