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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You'll never guess who's working for Mossad now!

First it was the Mossad Shark, when paranoid Arab fanatics blamed shark attacks in the Red Sea on Israel..

Now the Mossad Vulture?!? A tagged vulture, part of an avian study at Tel Aviv University, flew into Saudi Arabia and was promptly arrested as a spy. Maybe a prisoner exchange for Joe the Camel can be arranged.

I guess we know who's working for Israel's spy agency now. I should have realized they were part of the Zionist conspiracy!

Bet you never knew Tarzan's last name was Leibowitz
Mossad's top shark handler
Assistant Director and Director of Mossad's Avian Bureau conferring before Parliamentary hearing

Sky News thinks this might be the new head of Mossad

UPDATE: James Bond is part of the Zionist plot too..

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